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Bloco d'O Passo

The Bloco d'O Passo is a group of percussion and chant created by Lucas Ciavatta in 1998. Since then, it has been the main space of artistic experimentation with the O Passo method and, at the same time, its development as a teaching methodology, in a direct relationship between creation and training.

Bloco d'O Passo has performed in spaces such as Sala Cecília Meireles, Carlos Gomes Theater, Jockey Theater, Sergio Porto Cultural Space and Sala Baden Powell.

In 2009, the Bloco d'O Passo toured France playing in theaters in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Montpelier. At the Fruits de Voix festival in Lons-le-Saunier, France, Bloco d'O Passo also performed and participated in the show "Ponts" (Pontes), a Franco-Brazilian co-creation with Eduardo Lopes' general direction.

In 2014, the show "O Passo through the Bloco - a guided tour" was presented for the first time at the opening of the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad of Public Schools, for an audience of 800 people, and at the closing of the SESC Rio Winter Festival, in Petropolis.

In 2015, this show circulated through the North Zone and West Zone of Rio de Janeiro with seven presentations in Cultural Spaces and Arenas, through the edict of Fomento a Cultura Carioca. In the same year it was also presented in six units of SESC Rio.

In 2017, Bloco d'O Passo did the opening show for the project "O Passo na Gavião Peixoto", held in partnership with the Komedi Group, Somos Educação and the State Secretariat of Education of São Paulo.

In 2018, the Bloco d'O Passo presented in France, in Saint-Omer and Besançon, its new show "OUTROS NÓS" (see box opposite). These presentations were accompanied by workshops for about 250 students, of all ages, in the music conservatories of these cities.

General direction: Lucas Ciavatta

Lucas Ciavatta, Ana Achcar, Renato Machado e Bloco d'O Passo
Scene direction: Ana Achcar
Light direction: Renato Machado
Costume: Joana Mureb

Execution: O Passo Produções

Executive production: Laura de Castro

OUTROS NÓS (other us)

In his new show, the Bloco d'O Passo brings to the scene the reflection on the reception of diversity.

Through a research on social injustice, the situation of the different, the diverse, the immigrant and the refugee, people who are in movement, in displacement, have been very present.

Starting from that point, director Lucas Ciavatta, stage director Ana Achcar, the light director Renato Machado and the members of the Bloco, created "Outros Nós", a show that, through the movement and the sound of voices and percussions, sets out to experience how the differences can create something new and powerful.

Bloco d'O Passo

Bloco d'O Passo

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